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Welcome! Readers
Here is a forum where you can learn and teach, speak your mind, ask questions, share ideas, get quality information on anything that is related to art in general. It is my opinion to provide solution to problems of students at all level in the art areas of specializations and the likes through comments from artists around the globe. Couple of questions can be brought up like a gist, and then we all respond and learn from it. Artworks and other related products for mankind could also be exchanged or sold in this forum. Thanks.
Join me in seeing some of the world through this art forum. I think my kind of art has a unique style or artistic signature one that has been described as being art cut down to its essence. This art is a type that I cultivated from my individual vision although inspired my masters in that line (never want to mention names) using oil colour paints, while so many people use acrylic paints, tempera, poster colour, I choose  oil colour and try to master it. This page will give you a brief introduction to my brief art story and my artistic career. Please explore further on any topic you like and do more into this website, if your expectation is not met, please say it out so that I can improve or help work more on it.
Enjoy your visit.
One major assignment of this site is Giving what it takes to reducing (if not stopping) unemployment through practical training of children in world’s communities. Skills should be given to each and every one, if well monitored will encourage entrepreneurship skills in us. International exchange, entertainment, tourism, creation of art and artifact are points of consideration in the teaching and learning process on this website.
We all thank God that we are visual, performing artist, photographers, dance drama artiste or what so ever we practice. But one pertinent question is how is that art rolling with you? Am sure you will have several answers, be it positive or negative, you can bear it out here on this forum. Lot of upcoming artist ask questions why so popular artists make sales of there artworks for millions of dollars yet they only put little effort on such art work. The real answer I think is that; they might have paid their dues in the time past. Have you paid yours? Have you sold your art like hawking in the street like they do? If yes! Have you worked or served a master for years like they do? If yes! Probably you have left something undone which they have done. Probably you have not studied harder like they do or no one is there to pay your price like they have been paid for and so many reasons. It quite important to note that art involves extra hard work to survive in any country. Even if you visit a civilized country hoping to survive like people used to say ‘’art sells well abroad’’ one would discover that the required task to make sales can be more than in your local country. I want to that it is better to sell in a market you understand than a place you are new to. These and many other points are what I actually want us to focus on. Once again


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PORTRAIT PAINTING - small scope.

Artists generally begin with drawings. Drawing of the image which could be regarded as sketch. These do not supersede photographs, but are generally preferred as the very act of drawing requires the artist to study and understand what he is seeing. Nonetheless, there can be problems. Some drawings will come off straight away, but many only after a great deal of effort, and on occasions nothing seems to give a likeness. For that reason, some painters, particularly the more experienced, begin immediately on the oil portrait. By moving from general appearance to telling details they avoid producing a photographically correct but facile/bland/unilluminating facsimile of the subject.

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1. Use the appropriate medium in preliminary work: pencils for a small and/or detailed sketch, chalks or pastel for the broader sketch.

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